“This was truly a beautiful appointment. I am so grateful to have found Donna for my children and my own healthcare. From her personable humanity, grounded knowledge & expertise, and her obvious love for what she does to her carefully curated, nurturing home-like environment…what more could we ask for?” C.D.

“Our 22 year old son came to you and was diagnosed with depression. I wanted to tell you how profoundly he was impacted by your kindness…he left with solid ideas to help himself, and a better understanding of Seasonal Affective Disorder.” S.L.

“I’ve been visiting Donna for about two years.  She is sensitive, respectful, and considerate of my values and personal beliefs, and works within that framework to suggest solutions that are compatible and complementary to my needs.” SP

“Your Horse chestnut cream is the most soothing hemorrhoid treatment I have ever used, and that includes some very expensive hydrocortisone ointment prescribed by Gundersen Clinic when I first sought treatment there. The cream has reduced the pain and swelling, and the effects are long lasting. I had about given up on anything ever really relieving the pain as much as this cream does.” L.F.

“During a solo Boundary Water’s canoe trip, I developed an ulcer on my heel and a red streak running up my leg. Donna gave me salve for the wound, and herbal extract for the infection. After 1 day, both were improving, and after 2 days, the redness and pain were completely resolved. The wound healed perfectly, and I was able to avoid antibiotics.” E.C.

“Donna’s herbal remedies not only proved to be efficient in battling a nasty virus but they also provided a much needed boost to my immune system, making me stronger and more resilient in the long run. Donna is a real healer – I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the treatment she has generously offered. All the symptoms disappeared within 3 days. Herbalism and natural therapy at its best.” Prof. Anna Nacher, Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence