At Tincture of Thyme Healthcare, we are committed to your safety. We believe the best defense against Coronavirus or any infectious disease includes maintaining a diverse microbiome, a healthy immune system, and a balanced approach to stress. The following is our best common sense approach to the health & safety of our guests, both human and microbial.

  • We clean with dilute vinegar and use old fashioned bar soap; house-made hand sanitizer is available.
  • The exam room and common spaces are generously proportioned to accommodate physical distance.
  • We make every effort to avoid overlap of patient schedules, so you will typically be the only guest in the office.
  • Visits can be done in person or virtually – schedule an online visit if you prefer to avoid contact with others.
  • Donna is immunized against Coronavirus, and she uses an N95 mask when she is in physical contact with patients.
  • If you believe you have an infectious illness, please notify us by email or phone prior to your arrival.
  • With prior notification, we can make adjustments to meet your specific safety concerns.

Although we provide care for respiratory infections, we don’t test for Coronavirus. If you are having trouble breathing or feeling quite ill, please seek emergency care at Winona Health, Gundersen, or Mayo, or dial 911.

We do not prescribe medications for off-label use, so we do not order Ivermectin for Coronavirus.